Re[2]: SVG --> HTML/TXT for searching and accessibility


I did experimented with something like that. See

although  this  text  is  quite full of smallish bugs, a way
better  version should be on the svgopen conference pages as
soon as they put the papers on-line.

I  would  love  if somebody picked that work up. The biggest
problem is to define the correct RDF vocabulary, the rest is
just some tricky xslt-ing...


Wednesday, June 12, 2002, 3:02:55 PM, you wrote:

Jim> <>
>> Issues: (I'd done this previously for WAI).
>> Visual reading order verses text reading order.
>> Top left to bottom right?
>>   Do a sort on desc elements using x, y coords.

Jim> Maybe you should use the METADATA element to embed some RDF information
Jim> into the document that allows for such things to be easily specified...
Jim> (or of course you could just invent your own XML, RDF would be better
Jim> though.)

Jim> Jim.


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