Re: Mouse Wheel event for SVG 1.1

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Arnold, Curt wrote:

> There has been a thread on www-dom mailing list resulting from a request for
> a standard event description for mouse wheel movements (the rolling middle
> button on some mice).  The thread starts with
> In my opinion, it would be very desirable to capture wheel movements in SVG
> 1.1 to provide application specific rotation, color change, zooming or other
> image manipulation behavior when the viewer's default behavior for the wheel
> movement is not appropriate.
> It would not appear to require any enhancement of the existing MouseEvent
> interface to represent mouse wheel movements, since the UIEvent.detail
> attribute could be used to encode the direction and magnitude of the wheel
> movement.


I think the resolution on this issue would be
that the SVG specification will follow whatever is
in DOM Level 3 events. That is, I don't think the
SVG WG would suggest a new DOM event, rather include
one if DOM does.

Reading the thread, I notice that this is not
what you suggest - that the SVG WG define some way
to access these events.

We're getting into some deep discussions right now with
the WAI groups about Mouse Events. Maybe something will
come out of this.


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