Re: Fwd: [Moderator Action] creating vector graphics from scanned images

Vincent(if you are subscribed now),

(sorry Dean, you get this twice; the reply address was yours)

 > I have recently started to look at converting scanned images of line
 > drawings (such as blueprints) into an editable format.
 > Is there any tools
 > that can read in a gif or jpg and recognize that lines and produce an 
 > SVG?
 > Or do I have to write one myself? Will such a tool be useful enough 
to > be worth creating?

There are some tools which generate SVG vectors more or less resembling 
a input raster image:
and probably some more.
While the above work well for certain tasks, I sometimes would like to 
get single paths for lines, not a path around the edges of a line.

So if a line of 1 mm is scanned, and then traced, the "converter" or 
tracer could either
1. output one long closed path outlining the "line" (which is actually a 
colored area of non-zero width). That's what all tools I know of do.
2. (maybe as an option) find the path that's always in the middle of the 

Does someone know of tools supporting the second option for line art?
I heard from an animator that some tool named "streamline" tries to do 
that, but generally fails.


Tobias Reif


Received on Thursday, 6 September 2001 12:14:06 UTC