Multiple inheritance used in the SVG DOM interfaces.

Hello all,

It was recently brought to my attention (well, a while ago, but I 
haven't had a chance to do anything about this until now) that the DOM 
interfaces to SVG elements are currently defined in IDL in the SVG CR 
using multiple interface inheritance. Using multiple interface 
inheritance makes these interfaces *impossible* to use as is in a COM 
like environment (such as Mozilla's XPCOM and Microsoft's COM), and IMO 
this is something that the SVG WG should change, not only because it's 
impossible to use these interfaces in COM like environments, but also 
because it doesn't match the way the DOM specifications (on which the 
SVG DOM is based) define interfaces, the DOM spec never uses multiple 
inheritance in it's interfaces, for this very reason (and possibly others).

What is the SVG WG's thoughts about this problem?

jst (W3C DOM WG member)

Received on Tuesday, 15 May 2001 20:59:18 UTC