Re: animation on demand...


quick question: how can i instruct an animation to begin when i want it to 
with scripting from within the DOM (as opposed to assigning it an absolute 
beginning time in the SVG)?

as for as the SVG spec 1.0 is concerned the specification states:

19.2.2 Relationship to SMIL Animation

SMIL Animation requires that the host language define the meaning for document begin and the document end. Since an 'svg' is sometimes the root of the XML document tree and other times can be a component of a parent XML grammar, the document begin for a given SVG document fragment is defined to be the exact time at which the 'svg' element's onload event is triggered. The document end of an SVG document fragment is the point at which the document fragment has been released and is no longer being processed by the user agent

Now to show you where to look in the SVG spec for relative start / stop.....

19.2.6 Attributes to control the timing of the animation

this is the enterence to your problem....and solution

have fun 
Robert A. DiBlasi

Received on Monday, 14 May 2001 16:29:38 UTC