separating svg data from presentation

here's a question:  why is there an <animateColor> element?  it seems to me 
that svg couldn't care less as to what color any given shape was.  i was 
under the impression that svg's data was basically concerned with describing 
the geometry of an image, not the color, font faces, or anything like that.  
and the same thing can be achieved with <animate attributeType="CSS" 
attributeName="fill"> anyway.

and long as i'm on the topic there shouldn't be any gradient tags either.  i 
hate the idea of cluttering CSS just as much as the next developer but 
gradients should be handled by it.  and patterns too.  patterns are just 
basically background images anyway.

i understand that there is no way currently to create gradients or to set 
the width and height of background images in CSS and for something like SVG 
the ability to do so may be necessary, but it goes against the grain of data 
separate from presentation to have these things in svg.  will things like 
<animateColor>, <linearGradient>, and <pattern> be deprecated in SVG2 or 
after CSS3 (or CSS4)?  or is there a valid reason for them to remain in SVG?

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Received on Tuesday, 8 May 2001 12:37:16 UTC