Re: [Moderator Action] Index for SVG Recommendation

Max Dunn wrote:
> I agree, an index would be a tremendous help to the SVG community.  
> Is there existing metadata that has simply not been formatted 
> into an index, 

Yes. If you look at the HTML souce you will see a bunch of class
attributes that will be used to make an index in the next release.

> or is
> there a need for further effort (or help from the SVG community) in
> cross-referencing the spec?

Many thanks for the offer. In this instance however further help is not
required ....

I have high confidence that the next public release of the SVG 1.0 spec
will include an index and, as requested, it will be all on one page to
facilitate searching.


Received on Thursday, 7 June 2001 07:13:54 UTC