RE: [Moderator Action] Index for SVG Recommendation

I agree, an index would be a tremendous help to the SVG community.  Is there
existing metadata that has simply not been formatted into an index, or is
there a need for further effort (or help from the SVG community) in
cross-referencing the spec?

Robert makes a great point: whoever thought of an Index to the spec was
brilliant but it is rather sad that it is still "This will contain the
index" when the spec seems so very ripe to go final and there are already at
least two robust implementations of this fantastic spec.


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Can anyone comment on the format of the index for SVG...
Is there going to be an Index?
If there is an Index what will it format be?

I ask this question because I would like to propose that the Index be all on
one web page.....not A on one page and B on another page....

the reason to the proposal is the use functionality of local search..
If all of the information is on one page than easy to type/speak in the item
to be searched and the search engine can find it quickly...the user does not
have to move through each letter of the alphabet...

I would like to know how people feel about this style of formatting

We all learn by sharing what we know
Robert A. DiBlasi

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