Which elements use "clip" ? .....SVG 1.0 CR may have problem?

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I believe there is a conflict between the stated use of the property "clip" 
In section 6.1 SVG's styling properties and Appendix L: Property Index use 
of "clip"

6.1 SVG's styling properties

Appendix L: Property Index
In 6.1 SVG's styling properties
there is a list of properties that are shared betweet CSS2 and SVG

Font properties:
Text properties:
Other properties for visual media:

within "other properties for visual media" there is a property "clip"

clip states:
'clip' (Only applicable to outermost 'svg')

In Appendix L: Property Index
Clip states:
elements which establish a new viewport

As far as I understand ....the elements that establish a new viewport are:

So........What elements can "clip" propoperty be used on?

I think a change might be called for in the SVG 1.0 moving to next stage.
I hopful have just missed something :-)

We all learn sharing what we know
Robert A. DiBlasi

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Received on Wednesday, 18 July 2001 14:00:30 UTC