UI implementation for SVG

Hi there,

(I am not sure if this is the best forum for this.)
I am trying to find out what would be the best solution for implementing
some kind of a UI for simple SVG tree manipulation (spliting text in
text/tspan nodes,
changing attributes,  etc.)
It sounds like Javascript and using Adobe SVG plugin would be the best way
to go however
I need this to work on MacOS as well. I believe IE on MAC has no Javascript
support for
plugins and Netscape is somewhat flaky even though I am not sure to what
Than there is Applets/Application using Batik but that seems to have a
problem running
on MacOS (classic not MacOSX) since it requires Java 1.3 not exactly MacOS
runs well.
I guess I am just looking for other people's opinion on this and what would
they choose.

Received on Monday, 9 July 2001 10:49:08 UTC