Re: SVG - A thought

Without testing how many browsers ave the implementation right I would

imageDummmy { background: url(image.png) }

Is a horrible hack that should work, although you would want a file to
generate its own stylesheet for doing that. It is a short bit of XSLT. And it
isn't the most elegant process, but I don't think that the url value can be
filled with an attribute value a la

   url( attr(imagedata) )

which is how I imagined it would be constructed before I thought at all.

Of course it is pretty trivial if you understand image/svg+xml, but I
am assuming that isn't what you meant.



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  >   Problem is that web masters do not want (or don't know how) to design
  > pages
  >   in XML+CSS.


  Last time I checked out XML+CSS it wasn't possible to use CSS2 to display an
  image together with XML. Has that gap now been filled?

  If the situation hasn't improved then I suggest that many in the Web
  community would be horrified to contemplate that situation.

  Andrew Watt

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