Re: French translation of SVG 1.0 Recommandation


    I french will speak SVG!!!    Thank you for update....

We all learn by sharing what we know
Robert A. DiBlasi

>>> rida <> 12/06/01 04:49AM >>>

A french translation of the SVG 1.0 Recommandation is actually on the
way, and will be probably available online at the end of December or at
the begin of January 2002.
This work is very advanced and was not in a first time intended for
publicaton, but for personal understanding and learning.
As I have decided to publish it, and to comply with the W3C's policy
regarding translations, you can consider this mail as a formal

Best regards.

Belkacem BOUDJEMA.

Received on Thursday, 6 December 2001 11:30:25 UTC