Batik 1.1 release available


The Batik team is pleased to announce the availability of the 1.1
release of the Batik software:

Despite the minor revision number increase since 1.0, there have been
large improvements to the Batik software:

- Performance, 

    Processing time and memory requirements for displaying SVG
    documents has been improved.  The convertion of SVG documents
    to other formats has also been accelerated (greatly for PNG).

- Quality, 

    Large increase of the test effort.

- Features, 
    This release has implemented the remaining static features
    from the SVG specification (e.g., xml:base, improved text support,
    improved conditional processing support and complete CSS support).

There is a log of all the improvements since the 1.0 release at:

The new version is available at:

1. Binary distribution:

2. Source distribution:

The Batik team is excited to now turn to the implementation of the
SVG 1.0 dynamic features it does not support yet: scripting and 
SMIL animation.

If you'd like to report bugs or request API changes/improvements,
you can either post to the user list (
developer list ( or enter a bug in Bugzilla 
under the Batik project at:

On behalf of the Batik team,
Vincent Hardy.

Received on Thursday, 6 December 2001 10:40:34 UTC