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Dear SVG Team

I have this following question regarding how to calculate new values for animateTransform when 'accumulate' attribute is set to "sum".

I looked into the spec which directed me to section 3.3 of "SMIL Animation".

Under the heading: "Computing Cumulative Animation Values", it states that the new values are calculated with the following formula:

fi(t) = (ve * i) + f(t)

However, it is quite hard to understand what exactly f(t) stands for.

Also you did not provide examples for "animateTransform" with respect to 'accumulate="sum"'. You provided only simple examples for "animate".

After trying few trial examples using Adobe viewer I have arrived at the following conclusion - at least in the case of "translate":

NewFromX = (i - 1) * OriginalToX + OriginalFromX
NewToX = i * OriginalToX

where 'i' is the current iteration value.

Same formula can be used for Y values too.

I need you to verify my conclusions. More importantly please send me the correct formulae (all of them - scale, rotate, translate - x, y and angle). Please also update your specification to show the formulae.

Your assistance will be most appreciated.

Sai Ramanath


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