Re: Is there an SVG Charter / Forward Work Program?

Thanks for looking into this, and sorry about the bad URL.

After actually making the effort to go to the next room and run a web 
browser, here is the correct URL for the original Oct98 document:

The document you list below is an updated version of the original document. 
Various updates shipped with the SVG specification for a few rounds as an 
appendix to the specification. These appendices listed the contents of the 
original requirements document and interspersed additional notes and 
hyperlinks into the SVG specification itself to show which items from the 
original requirements document were actually included in the language.

At one point in the past, the SVG working group decided to separate out the 
requirements appendix since it was quite lengthy. Once it was separated 
out, it was no longer updated, so there is not an updated version of the 
requirements document at this time.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor
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> > Andrew,
> >  The SVG working group will soon start the process of planning for the
> >  future. (We can do this now that SVG 1.0 is in its final stages.)
> >
> >  Just like we did for SVG Requirements for the first version of the
> >  (I think the URL is, published Oct 1998), I
> >  would expect that we will publish documents as early as we possibly can
> >  the next round to allow for public review and contribution.
> >
> >  Jon Ferraiolo
> >  SVG Editor
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>Thanks Jon,
>For the information of anyone interested the URL gave a "Sorry Not Found"
>By backtracking through the Working Drafts I did find a requirements document
>as early as February 1999:
>Am I right in assuming that that document pretty much reflects the 1998
>document, which I couldn't find on the W3C site?
>Andrew Watt

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