Re: drawing/rendering order

The SVG working group discussed having SVG support the 'z-index' property 
from CSS and decided against it for SVG 1.0, partly to avoid adding that 
extra bit of implementation complexity. Personally, I still agonize over 
whether 'z-index' should have been put into SVG 1.0.

Definitely, the W3C should consider 'z-index' for future versions of SVG.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor
Adobe Systems Incorporated

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> writes:
> > Are there any plans to add alternative rendering order schemes?
> >  Currently, SVG documents are always rendered using the painter's algorithm
> >  only.  To change the order in which objects are rendered, it is necessary
> >  to rearrange the objects within the document itself, a potentially costly
> >  and time-consuming process.
> >  S.
> >
>I guess it partly depends on what you mean by "costly" and "time-consuming".
>But, in principle, XSLT would allow you to reorder elements/objects within
>SVG source without huge difficulty.
>How costly or time consuming the use of XSLT would be would depend partly on
>the complexity of the SVG source document, available XSLT skills and whether
>there was any pattern of reordering required (i.e. could you reuse XSLT
>template stylesheets).
>Is there some technical reason why XSLT wouldn't meet your present needs?
>Andrew Watt

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