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> Are there any plans to add alternative rendering order schemes? 
>  Currently, SVG documents are always rendered using the painter's algorithm
>  only.  To change the order in which objects are rendered, it is necessary
>  to rearrange the objects within the document itself, a potentially costly
>  and time-consuming process.
>  S.


I guess it partly depends on what you mean by "costly" and "time-consuming". 
But, in principle, XSLT would allow you to reorder elements/objects within 
SVG source without huge difficulty.

How costly or time consuming the use of XSLT would be would depend partly on 
the complexity of the SVG source document, available XSLT skills and whether 
there was any pattern of reordering required (i.e. could you reuse XSLT 
template stylesheets).

Is there some technical reason why XSLT wouldn't meet your present needs?

Andrew Watt

Received on Friday, 8 September 2000 04:03:22 UTC