Announcing first public release of SVG Test Suite

I am pleased to announce the first public release of SVG Test Suite,
developed by the SVG Working Group. We are happy to recieve feedback on the
tests, and also suggestions for new tests.

This first release is 'Basic Effectivity' tests - aiming for covering all
of the spec, but not in fullest detail. Further releases will add
'Drilldown Tests' which fully exercise all posibilities of particular
features. This release comprises 70 Basic Effectivity tests

Various test harnesses are available:

- a frame-based harness, with the reference PNG and the test SVG presented
side by side (for browser implementations and plug-ins)[1]
- an SVG-based harness which uses the SVG image element to include the
actual test, and provides navigation links[2]
- a bare-bones harness with the reference PNG displayed in an HTML page;
the SVG files are loaded one by one; suitable for standalone viewers that
do not implement the SVG image element fully.[3]

There is also a readme for this release [4] and a manual; chapter 5[5]
should be carefully read by people who wish to suggest additional tests.

The whole testsuite (minus the manual) can be downloaded from [6]

Comments should be sent to [7]



Received on Monday, 12 June 2000 11:31:59 UTC