links pointing to a state

Hi all,

maybe this is something for spec2?

Maybe the effect can already be achieved; if so,
please describe it.

When I start at an index, click through several
HTML-pages of a site and find content which might
interest someone, I copy the URI(correct term?) and
email it; the recipient will instantly view the page
when entering it into a browser. Perfect.

In a framebased site I would either send the URI of
the frame-content(after having opened the frame in a
new window), or I could send the URL of the frameset
plus a description of the combination of clicks
neeeded to get the view I wanted to share. None of
those two ways would simply result in the quick
behaviour desribed in #1); either he has to navigate
further, or he would see less than I saw.
In a flash environment I could send the URL of the
page containing the flash, which again would require
me to send a description of the steps to take to get
to the state I want to refer, or the time to wait
until the film arrives at the specific point.

In SVG I can point to specific views. That's good.
But SVG can describe interactive animations; so I need
a way to point to a specific stage of progress after
several user-inputs and animations.
A screenshot would not be functional.
A timebased pointer wouldn't be enough if
user-interaction needed to happen to get to the point.
I propose a time- and event- based pointing mechanism
that accurately specifies the given state of the SVG
(after all animations, mouseEvents, inputs etc). 
It should be possible for the user to get it
onRightClick (after having paused the SVG if
animations are happening).
time- and event-based resource-locator
-> TERI ? [pronounced "terry"]


Tobias Reif
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Received on Wednesday, 26 July 2000 07:19:06 UTC