Re: last call?

BTW- if any company is trying to sabotage the SVG community's efforts it 
would be Macromedia.  Please refer to the current activity at at svg-developers forum.  Thanks, Josh Zeidner ( Brooklyn 
Media Labs, LLC. )

>Dear svg org,
>When is svg expected to be a w3c recommendation? This standard has been
>moving at a snails pace recently, and the release of two successive "last
>call" specs is disheartening for those of us relying on the new standard.
>Because the standard has "missed" the development window for new versions 
>ie and netscape, the wide use of svg will be postponed by at least 2 years.
>I believe that major players such as Microsoft and Adobe orchestrated this
>delay so that they could squeeze more profit out of their non-svg graphics
>software, and the w3c has been duped into this gambit.
>What can you say to dissuade me?

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Received on Monday, 17 July 2000 17:02:36 UTC