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15.5 Filter effects region

From: Jim Mork <jmork@jasc.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 16:00:55 -0500
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To: "'www-svg@w3.org'" <www-svg@w3.org>

I am cleaning up some coordinate system and view issues as they relate to
filter effects, and I need some section 15.5 clarifications.

Regarding Filter effects region attributes, 15.5 states:

"x, y, width, height... indicate the rectangle for the largest possible
offscreen buffer..."
"filterRes... indicates the width/height of the intermediate images in

I am having trouble reconciling these two statements.  I don't see how these
values can be independent of each other.  Given the confusion, I am having
trouble finding the answer to a simple question:

Are graphics with effects rendered at a standard resolution (i.e.,
filterRes) and then resampled to fit to the view?  (which seems to be
implied by the second statement)


Are the effects to be applied on the graphics after they have been rendered
at the size they appear in the view?  (which seems to be implied by the
first statement)

Thanks in advance,

James Mork
Senior Software Engineer
Jasc Software, Inc.
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