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RE: Storing data related to SVG elements

From: Jon Ferraiolo <jferraio@Adobe.COM>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 09:01:33 -0700
Message-Id: <200007101558.IAA09615@mail-345.corp.Adobe.COM>
To: Dave J Woolley <DJW@bts.co.uk>
Cc: "'www-svg@w3.org'" <www-svg@w3.org>
The SVG working group feels that there is document-level metadata (e.g.,
author, copyright, etc.) and object-level metadata (e.g., child-of,
barchar-label-for, etc.). Object-level metadata can also be expressed in
structured form (i.e., something like RDF). It is for this reason that the
SVG working group changed the SVG DTD with the June 29 spec to allow
<metadata> elements attached to any SVG graphics or container element.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor
Adobe Systems Incorporated

At 10:52 AM 7/7/00 +0100, Dave  J Woolley wrote:
>> From:	Jon Ferraiolo [SMTP:jferraio@Adobe.COM]
>> This sounds like metadata to me.
>	[DJW:]  It doesn't sound like meta data to me, it sounds more
>	like alt=, longdesc=, the text for acronyms, the body of object,
>	etc. in HTML, which are real data in alternative forms.
>	[DJW:]  meta data is data about the document, rather than about
>	what the document is about. 
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