%descTitle on <text>


We just noticed that <text> does not have <desc> and <title>
attributes in the latest specs (WD-SVG-19991203) we have found. Is
this an error in the specs or is it designed this way? If so, what
makes <text> so different from the other drawing elements (basic
shapes) that all have %descTitle. We could use the class attribute for
our purposes, but we would first like someone to confirm that
%descTitle is really missing from <text> and if so, why.


Jan Aarsaether			jaa@metis.no
METIS GUI Development	
NCR Norge AS

We managed to work our way around the problem with missing width and
height attributes for <text>, but we're not happy with being forced to
add our own semantics 'on top of' SVG solve a problem SVG should IOHO
support natively. Such limitations might threaten the universal
adoption, and thus success, of SVG! What a shame if SVG was reduced to
just-another-graphics format on the web :-<

Received on Monday, 24 January 2000 09:34:00 UTC