Gill update; SVG page


   First, a quick update on the progress of Gill. It now supports the
<image> tag, including full PNG alpha-transparency. There are a number
of other refinements (HTML 4.0 named colors and so on).

   The w3c's SVG page is not exactly keeping up with the news. After
many weeks, it still does not mention Gill. I am fairly certain that
this is not a deliberate snub. Even as an oversight, though, it says
something very telling about the importance the committee places on
free software implementations. Now that the CSIRO SVG implementation
is released and is looking good, it seems inevitable that free
software will be one of the major factors in the SVG world. And if a
friendly arms race develops between the CSIRO implementation and Gill,
this can only be a good thing for SVG itself.

   To partially fill the gap in SVG news, I've become editor of the Open
Directory's SVG entry. The URL is:

   Links to this page are greatly appreciated, as are submissions of
SVG-related url's. It's a bit of a quiet job now, but with luck that
will change soon.

Take care,


Received on Wednesday, 21 July 1999 18:34:04 UTC