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[csswg] Agenda for conf call on Oct 12, 2022

From: Rossen Atanassov <Rossen.Atanassov@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2022 03:42:35 +0000
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0. Extra agenda items and other digressions

Text Layout and i18n
1. [css-text-4] text-spacing: trim-end is better than allow-end for the normal value
    Proposed Resolution: Accept commenter proposal

2. [selectors] :lang for documents without content language and for elements of unknown language; consider :lang("") over :not(:lang("*"))
    Proposed Resolution: Accept proposal (above)

3. [css-ruby-1] Default alignment of ruby text
    [css-ruby-1] Treatment of multiple Latin words in space-between & space-around
    Proposed Resolution: Add new text-justify mode, either tied to 'text-justify: 
auto' + 'display: ruby-text' or as a new keyword, with appropriate justification opportunities for ruby text.

Syntax and Selectors
4. [css-values-3] Restrict none/auto/normal from <custom-ident>
    Proposed Resolution: Exclude none/auto/normal from <custom-ident>

5. [selectors][css-nesting] Move nest-containing and nest-prefixed selector definitions to Selectors
    Proposed Resolution: & is valid in all Selectors, and where not otherwise specified has equivalent meaning to :scope

6. [selectors] Add :open or :top-layer pseudo class
    Proposed Resolution: Adopt Tab's proposed definition

CSS Grid Layout
7. [css-grid-2] How to properly accommodate margin/border/padding of a subgrid with no item on the edges
    Proposed Resolution: Simplify to single-span hypothetical items only Alternative Resolution: Spec applying "magic margin" to outermost items, not just items in outermost tracks

CSS Box Alignment
8. [css-align] *-items properties might need to resolve directions early
    WG Action: Review and confirm whether summary reflects desired behavior

9. [css-align] align-self / justify-self on abspos elements isn't back compatible?
    WG Action: Consider whether we want to use staticpos containing block instead of abspos containing block to resolve alignment properties on statically positioned abspos

10. [css-flexbox] Investigate applying align-content to single-line flex containers
    Proposed Resolution: Closed no change, add to list of mistakes, see

11. [css-align-3][css-multicol-1] First baseline of a multicol WG Action: Consider and choose one of the options

CSS Tables
12. [css-tables] Allow 'order' on table columns WG Question: Do we want to do this (and therefore task fremy with adding it to the spec)?

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