design principles for new CSS features

For a number of years, the TAG has been maintaining a document on
design-principles for new client-side features on the web, at .  This document has
been built largely around explaining the reasoning behind problems
we've pointed out in proposals that we've reviewed (either in the
TAG or elsewhere):  its goal is to provide advice at a level that's
useful for those writing proposals for new features on the Web.

With the help of some others, I recently added a section on
principles for CSS:
What exists there now is a starting set of principles; it isn't
intended to be a final state; this document is a living document
that over time accumulates new principles and refinement of existing

I'd welcome feedback from the CSS community on these principles.
This feedback could be about things that should be changed about
what's already there, or about new principles that should be added.
The best place for such feedback is in either an existing
appropriate open issue in the repository [1] or in a new issue if an
appropriate one does not already exist.



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