CSSWG + Open UI telecon

Thanks to the folks from the CSSWG that were able to meet and follow up
regarding the Open UI discussions we had during the CSSWG F2F. I wanted to
quickly provide the action items we discussed:

* Greg Whitworth to connect with fantasai and Tab regarding historical
styling discussions to unlock partial styling
* Greg Whitworth to reach out to the CSSWG chairs to discuss having a joint
topic at TPAC to discuss what can and should be defined for styling (this
may be impacted by the first bullet)
* Here is the explainer that explores the MVC defintion for web controls
that Open UI relies upon for bringing about form control styling and

Here are the link to the minutes from this meeting:

Thank you all again for the discussion, while there are many things to
unpack I found the discussion productive and I hope you all did as well.


Received on Wednesday, 19 August 2020 00:12:20 UTC