Re: overflow: scroll and padding, conceptual problems.

On 10/15/19 4:31 PM, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> Consider this sample:
> [...]
> Problems (or rather inconsistencies) with it:
>  1. You see left padding – the content is clearly offset by padding-left
>     value. But you cannot see padding-right offset at all. Why? Where did it go?
>  2. If to follow the specification then scrollable box (clip area where the
>     content scrolls) shall be set to content edge of the element. But for now
>     in UAs scrollable area is inner border edge minus scrollbars. I am not
>     sure if that is defined anywhere. Any ideas?
> [...]
> Problem there is:
>  1. box-sizing: border-box; is ignored completely. Why border box is so large
>     there? 
> The solution of all these problems:
> Paddings, when defined on scrollable element, shall be parts of scrollable 
> content.
> In other words scrollable content shall include those paddings and
> width/height properties on scrollable element shall define dimensions of inner 
> edge of border box.
> Here is an illustration: 
> of how it ideally it should look like.

I think your concerns are related to

We are somewhat limited in what we can do about this due to Web-compat 
constraints, but there is some work happening in css-oveflow-3.



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