[CSSWG][css-values-3][css-values-4] Updated CR of CSS Values and Units Level 3

The CSS WG has published an updated Candidate Recommendation of
the CSS Values and Units Module Level 3:
and a corresponding updated Working Draft of Level 4:

This CSS module describes the common values and units that CSS
properties accept and the syntax used for describing them in CSS
property definitions.

*** The definition of <'property'> in the CSS value definition
syntax now excludes any top-level # multiplier. This makes the
notation usable in the fairly common list-valued property
syntaxes. ***

The other changes consist of some minor clarifications / fixes
to examples and are therefore not very interesting. :)

All changes to Level 3 are listed at:

Please review the draft, and send any comments to this mailing list,
<www-style@w3.org>, prefixed with [css-values-3] (as I did on this
message) or (preferably) file them in the GitHub repository at

For the CSS WG,

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