Agenda+ CSS Pseudo-Elements L4 Issues, Review

So I worked on CSS Pseudo-elements for a bit, and the following things
need WG review and input:

1. Switching ::selection to use inheritance rather than cascade
    for parent-child value propagation

    We resolved on this in
    Edits can be seen at

    This is a request for review from the WG, prior to requesting republication.
    Follow-up issues should be filed separately, unless you think the edits
    fundamentally don't reflect the resolution or you want to re-open the

2. Color of text / decorations

    It seemed expedient for the previous issue to define 'currentColor'
    as a keyword representing the color the text would have if ::selection
    were unstyled. So asks
    confirmation for two things:
      a) That the behavior clarified in that issue is what we want.
      b) Whether the CSSWG thinks defining currentColor in this way is OK.

    See spec at

3. CSSPseudoElement issues to access originating Element syntax of type values

4. Applying stroke/fill to ::selection


5. Applying ::placeholder / :placeholder-shown on placeholders that are
    elements (rather than attributes) in HTML.


Received on Wednesday, 2 January 2019 18:57:48 UTC