[css-animations] prefers-reduced-motion meaning vis-a-vis scroll-triggered animation

In regard to [CSSWG] Minutes Lyon F2F 2018-10-22 Part V: Scroll Linked Animations,  CSS UI, Review HTML fieldset/legend spec [CSS-UI]

With regard to Scroll Linked Animations:

  "jensimmons: It would be great if there was a way the spec mandated

              that websites obey the user's prefers-reduced-motion

              setting. If devs (or their bosses) wants to override the

              user's preference, they can't.

  majidvp: If we want to do that, it's better suited to web

           animations. Here, we're just adding a new timeline. The

           timing model lives inside web animations.

  florian: prefers-reduced-motion is not prefers-no-motion. Subtle

           animations should be able to remain. Turning everything off

           is too big of a hammer

  jensimmons: I don't know about the details. Let's not bikeshed right

              now. CSSWG needs to enforce prefers-reduced-motion in
              any way we can"


The terminology for the user preference which triggers prefers-reduced-motion: reduce is not consistent across operating systems.

In MacOS and iOS the preference reads "Reduce motion" (implies not all animations)
In Windows 10 the preference reads "Show animation in Windows" (implies all animations)

I'm guessing you want to make a single decision which applies across platforms.

Interpreting what is a subtle animation may vary from one person to another.. I'd rather do without any animations rather than have you guess wrong. If I tell the operating system that I don't want animations, then I don't want animations, without having to judge each animation.

Specifically with regard to scrolling, any animation of scrolling or triggered by scrolling, however small or brief, risks my eyes feeling queasy or me being distracted or both. I need to be able to disable it completely.

That said, I would expect a page which informs me that an animation is available and for which I click a Play button would play the animation, as for an instructional animation demonstrating a specific procedure. But that is outside the topic of scroll-triggered animation.
Hope this helps.
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