[css-grid] Status update Level 1 & Level 2

Hi everyone~

Tab and I triaged all the issues against Grid Level 2, deferring
the more complicated feature requests to level 3. The current set
of issues open on CSS Grid Level 2 is the following:

A number of them have been marked Agenda+ for WG discussion.
Once we have resolutions on them, we'd like to publish an
updated WD with the subgrid-related changes.

A couple issues (fr units as min, minmax prioritizing max, auto
placement to named line) require more text to be ported over
from Grid Level 1, so my plan is to wait until the next CR update
(“CSS Grid Level 1 Revision 2” ;) gets published, then pull over
all the Level 1 text and incorporate the edits for these issues.
And then we can publish another WD.

(Since Echidna makes WDs easy to publish and we can follow the
“Publish often” aspect of “Publish early, publish often”, I'm
hoping this split in pending edits won't be a problem. :)

As for Grid Level 1, the current set of issues is:
I'd like to at least close out #2303 and #2655 before republishing,
and ideally also #2557 (content distribution in grid algo)--I think
only the latter really will need WG discussion, the first two are
largely details fixup that'll just need review.

#2356 (compressing extraneous space in auto-sized grids with spans)
seems likely to take a bit more discussion, so might be best to
publish first and continue on it for the next iteration.

~fantasai and TJ

Received on Tuesday, 8 May 2018 01:54:03 UTC