[css-writing-modes] Compatible proposal for a merge of direction and writing-mode


this actually can be changed because the change only behaves additive
(and deprecates three keywords, one property and an extra rule in 7.1):


The both properties direction and writing-mode:

value : ltr | rtl
value : horizontal-tb | vertical-rl | vertical-lr 

The point is that the property writing-mode is in conflict with the
property direction, of which the ltr and rtl values are improper for
vertical line layout and have to be mapped quietly and unneccessarily.

My take is to only refer to the starting points, saving one property:
(This is what is explicitly specified for internal handling in 7.1)

value : left+top | right+top | top+left | top+right | ...

OR to refer to the directions: 

value : right-down | left-down | down-right | down-left | ... 

OR to choose the most informative and compact form: 

value : ltr-td | rtl-td | td-ltr | td-rtl | ...

This one can support ltr, rtl and td as shortcuts for the first three

Dennis Heuer

Received on Monday, 15 January 2018 21:36:19 UTC