[css-ui] css-counter-styles or outline


At first:

"GitHub Issues are preferred for discussion of this specification. When
filing an issue, please put the text “css-counter-styles” in the title,
preferably like this: “[css-ui] …summary of comment…”. All issues and
comments are archived, and there is also a historical archive."

Please name the archive and give a hint to the mailinglist and that you
read it! (Not everyone wants accounts everywhere in the world,
definitely not for what can be said in a short email.)

It remains unclear how to set the text where (e.g. is title = subject
and is summary of comment = css-counter-styles?):


I already wrote this to the border-guys from whom you seem to inherit

Your spec specifies that the outline-width is medium and the
outline-style is none. This causes the (unneccessary) extra

"Computed value: absolute length; 0 if the outline style is none."

In contrast, the property text-decoration-style defaults to solid, and
the property text-decoration-line defaults to none. This is far more
sane in two ways:

1) No neccessity for the above extra convention

2) The 'on/off-switch' for the decoration line is the line property
instead of the style property, which is far more logical from my point
of view. Because text-decoration-color is initially currentcolor,
setting text-decoration-line to, say, underline gives a nice default
underline of solid style in text color. That is good! I'd want this for
outline as well! (Even though we can argue that the initial value for
outline-color should be red.) Specify the initial value for width as
none, the initial value for style as solid and the initial value for
color as currentcolor and switching width to medium gives a nice
default outline!

3) style:none is now a redundant value and might be dropped

Dennis Heuer

Received on Sunday, 14 January 2018 20:04:58 UTC