Agenda+ Almost Publishable [css-values-3][css-text-decor-3][css-sizing-3]

CSS Values and Units Level 3 CR (update)

* We finally closed on the calc() range-checking issue,
   but meanwhile
   was opened wrt discrepency between CSS2 and css-values-3.

* There's some fun CSSOM discussions on value computation open,
   but that's not directly about this module so not blocking on it.

Once 2211 is closed, we should be set to republish.

CSS Sizing Level 3 WD (update)

* One percentage sizing issue open here, has testcases and edits,
   needs review and WG resolution:

* Request to make min/max-content keywords content-size inputs
   and textareas; I suggest we accept this:

Otherwise this should be set for another WD and a last call for
comments, with an aim to transition to CR mid-March if nothing
major needs further work.

CSS Text Decoration Level 3 CR (update)

* I ran through the i18n-blocked issues with i18n yesterday.
   This one is open for CSSWG discussion:

* Two new values were added to text-decoration-line, but the
   resolution didn't specify whether they were added to L3 or L4,
   so I need a conclusion on that point:

* Several issues are open for WG review (see DoC links for details):
   Summary:  Clarify position of emphasis marks over auto-hidden ruby
   Was concluded with Xidorn, Koji, and Shinyu Murakami; just need to
   close it out with the WG.
   Summary:  Specify interaction of text-decoration, text-emphasis, and ruby
   Has follow-up in
   which I propose to defer to css-ruby.

Once we close out and republish L3, I think the text should be
stable enough to port over to L4.


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