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[CSSWG][css-align-3] Updated WD of CSS Box Alignment Level 3

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 15:42:08 -0700
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The CSS WG has published an updated Working Draft of the
CSS Box Alignment Module Level 3:


This module contains the features of CSS relating to the alignment of 
boxes within their containers in the various CSS box layout models: 
block layout, table layout, flex layout, and grid layout.

This update fixes various errors in the previous draft. At this point
only one issue is open, and the biggest known problem is an insufficient 
number of illustrations, particularly in the baseline alignment 
sections. Other than that, we're hoping we can wrap up and request a 
transition to CR soon.

Significant changes are listed at:

Special thanks to Melanie Richards for adding illustrations to the 
Positional Alignment section, especially as they were unexpectedly 
tricky to diagram due to i18n complexities.
Further editorial advice and/or diagrams that would help make this draft 
easier to understand are very welcome.

Please review the draft, and send any comments to the www-style mailing 
list <www-style@w3.org>, prefixed with [css-align-3] (as I did on this 
message) or (preferably) file them in the GitHub repository at

For the CSS WG,
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