Re: [css-page-floats] making page floats two-dimensional

> On 5 Apr 2018, at 11:03, Florian Rivoal < <>> wrote:
> Would you want to be listed as a former editor instead, to avoid giving the wrong impression about why you have not been active recently?
> For what it is worth, I was involved in the May 2017 discussions, and still would like to follow up on these changes, but I am not funded for this either, so I do not expect to be able to prioritize this any time soon.
> If it makes people feel better to have an inactive editor rather than no editor at all, I don't mind being added there as this is a spec I am interested in, but I cannot commit to spending time on it.

I would be happy to work on this spec. It fits with the knowledge I’m building up around multicol and my interest in Paged Media. 

I’m not funded to do anything, so I can’t promise how much time I have available but it feels as if it sits well alongside other things I am working on which helps.


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