Re: [css-backgrounds] Please remove the "unless there is a border image" wording

On 9/21/17 12:09 AM, fantasai wrote:
> Updated the spec to say
>    # These properties set the style in which a box’s borders are drawn
>    # (unless there is a <a href="#border-images">border image</a> drawn 
> in their place).
> Let me know if this seems acceptable.

I don't know that this solves the problem of it then sounding like 
"none" doesn't apply if there is a border-image.

The fact is that "none" doesn't set the style.  It controls whether 
there is a border at all.  So the right non-normative summary is:

   These properties control whether a border appears, and if it does
   what style it's drawn in.  A border-image will override the style,
   but not whether a border appears in the first place.

At least I assume this text is meant to be non-normative.  It's not 
actually marked that way, but if it's meant to be normative I'm not sure 
what it's supposed to really be saying in a normative sense.

> In any case it looks like Webkit and Blink have accepted to fix their 
> bugs. :)
> Although WebKit's patch seems to have stalled last November...

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath.


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