[css-fonts] Spec REC-ing

Update for this week:

On 2017-03-22 10:56, Chris Lilley wrote:
> For CSS 3 Fonts we now have some tests for statements of the form 
> "feature X is equivalent to low level features a,b and c". These use 
> the "FontWithFeatures" testing font produced by Myles.
> *Advances since last week*
> We have:
> - 11 tests for font-variant-ligatures
> - 3 tests for font-variant-position
> - 7 tests for font-variant-caps
> - 1 test for font-variant-east-asian
now 10 tests for font-variant-east-asian
> - 1 test for font-variant-numeric
Added 4 tests for the font-variant shorthand, resetting longhands.
> Because of the way they are written, almost all of these also test the 
> font-feature-settings property.
I added the link to the font-feature-settings property to those tests 
that also test that, which is most of them.

Myles and I reviewed a contributed test for css3 fonts, which is very 
thorough but also very long (several thousand lines of text). It was 
autogenerated and we don't have the program that generated it. The test 
needs to be split into many smaller tests, because WP tests has a limit 
of 600x600px for reftests.

> *To-do*
> - need to make reftests for those
Started to convert these to reftests, about half are converted.
> - need 9 more font-variant-east-asian tests
> - need around 10 tests for font-variant-alternates
> - need slightly-edited versions of all the above tests, to test the 
> font-variant shorthand
> - need to review
> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2017Feb/0087.html
>     for non-low-level tests needed.
> - need /test reviewers/ for those tests
Myles offered to review, which is great
> *Blockers*
> - unclear how the move to WP tests affects:
>     - location of support files
Much the same as before, so all good.
>     - test review
The review mechanism is now GitHub review on a PR rather than the old 
>     - getting built test suites made with new tests
>     - collecting new implementation reports on these tests with Shepherd
Still an issue.
> - test font displays oddly in Firefox and Edge
> - test font lacks test glyphs for most of the font-variant-alternates

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