Re: csswg-test merge into web-platform-tests

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 4:22 PM, Geoffrey Sneddon <> wrote:
>  * Monday, afternoon PDT: the Mercurial repo and Shepherd will become
> read-only, and Mercurial will stop being sync'd with GitHub.

This is now done.

>  * Tuesday afternoon BST: the merge will land on master on
> web-platform-tests; all future pull requests and issues should be
> filed on the web-platform-tests repository. csswg-test will become a
> historical archive, and almost everyone with write access will lose
> it. Hopefully (though not quite certainly) all issues on csswg-test
> will be moved over on Tuesday afternoon as well (failing that,
> Wednesday morning).

This is on track. I expect issues to be moved tomorrow at this point.


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