Re: Proposal to introduce test suite curators

> On Mar 4, 2017, at 04:05, L. David Baron <> wrote:
> On Friday 2017-03-03 11:06 +0900, Florian Rivoal wrote:
>> Note that this is separate from the (poorly named) OWNERS file used in the web-platform-test repo, which is merely a notification mechanism, with no implied responsibility.
> I think having a notification mechanism is likely to solve a
> significant part of the problem.  A number of the pull requests
> sitting around in csswg-test for a long time were sitting there
> because the obvious reviewers simply didn't know about them.
> I think we should first try the solution that involves computers
> doing things (sending and storing notifications), before we decide
> that it doesn't work and move on to more human-intensive solutions.

On the one hand, I would very much welcome a notification mechanism,
and I think the wpt system that we're about to adopt does provide one,
so that's great.

On the other hand, I just had a quick look at all the open pull requests (other than those marked as stale:awaiting-submitter-response), and 16 out of 20 have the spec editors or some other relevant individuals manually CCed/@mentioned/ask for review. Some times pinged multiple times.

Maybe the wrong people got notified, but so far it seems that notifying people
is not sufficient to solve the problem.


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