selectors4 API hooks section (was Re: Proposed agenda)

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which I don't quote here because I'm moving the conversation from
w3c-css-wg to www-style, since I'm changing the
spec-publication-process discussion to a technical discussion.

I made the edit requested: so now the API Hooks
section is basically rewritten (other than the two hooks for
parsing), and needs careful review:

I'm particularly concerned that:
 * some of the scoping stuff may be wrong, although I tried to
   preserve what the old version was doing.  (I did add one issue
   where I thought it was inconsistent with what the other section
   of the spec says.)
 * some of the pseudo-element stuff may be wrong, but I think fixing
   that might require a clearer model of how pseudo-elements work,
   and in particular when they are created.

I also noted in the changes section that a term that was present in
the editor's draft for other specs to link to is now no longer
with the links to that term now pointing to the changes section.
(I'm a little worried about doing that since the relevant bit of the
changes section might go away...)


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