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[CSSWG][css-writing-modes] CSS Writing Modes L3 CR update and L4 FPWD

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Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2017 16:58:39 +0330
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On 7 December 2017, the CSS WG published an updated Candidate Recommendation
of CSS Writing Modes Level 3 and a First Public Working Draft of CSS Writing
Modes Level 4:


CSS Writing Modes defines CSS support for various international writing modes,
such as left-to-right (e.g. Latin or Indic), right-to-left (e.g. Hebrew or Arabic),
bidirectional (e.g. mixed Latin and Arabic) and vertical (e.g. Asian scripts).

Level 4 is the same as the previous Level 3 draft; several features were deferred
from Level 3 due to lack of implementation, hence the FPWD:
   * 'sideways-lr' and 'sideways-rl' values of the 'writing-mode' property
   * 'digits' value of 'text-combine-upright'
   * multi-column handling of orthogonal block containers

The only other change was to adjust the fallback “available space” for orthogonal
flows to use the nearest fixed-size scrollport where available.

The significant changes are all listed in the draft:


Disposition of comments:


Please review the drafts, and send any comments to this mailing list,
<www-style@w3.org>, prefixed with [css-writing-modes] (as I did on this
message) or (preferably) file them in the GitHub repository at

For the CSS WG,
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