Re: Progress on multicol historical issues / updated DoC

> On Aug 20, 2017, at 14:49, Rachel Andrew <> wrote:
> The last time there was much work done on the spec seems to have been in September 2013, after making some edits suggested that the spec goes back to LC: <>
> Being new to this, I don’t know much about process and how the WG makes that decision, but I’m sure someone can enlighten me :)

LC used to exist as a mandatory step before going to CR, but the process has changed since then, and it no longer exists.

Given that the spec is already CR, we can either:
- Publish as soon as we feel we have something coherent and better than the current CR. If we do that, it has to go back from CR to being a WD.
- Work on resolving all open issues, then publish a new CR.

If all we had were minor tweaks, waiting till we have it all sorted to avoid losing the CR status may be nice, to avoid confusing the general public about the maturity of the spec, but I don't think that's the case, and the current CR is misleading enough that I think publishing a new WD soon would be better.

My suggestion would be to publish a new WD as soon as we've made sure that everything we've previously resolved on has been edited in. We can then keep on resolving the remaining issues, publishing new WDs now and then until we've got everything closed and can go to CR again.


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