Call for wide Review of WebVTT for CSS Working Group

Dear CSS Working Group,

The W3C Timed Text Working Group has recently published a new working
draft of WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format [1].

The main use of WebVTT is for marking up external text track resources 
in connection with the HTML <track> element. WebVTT files provide 
captions or subtitles for video content, and also text video 
descriptions [MAUR], chapters for content navigation, and more generally 
any form of metadata that is time-aligned with audio or video content.

The TTWG invites you to review this draft, and requests comments to be
received by 22 Sept 2017. These comments will be used to fulfill the
W3C Process [3] requirement for Wide Review of drafts, and  Horizontal
Review [4] prior to publication as Candidate Recommendation.

If you wish to make comments regarding this document, please send them
to <> with
[WebVTT] at the start of your email's subject. All comments are welcome,
however the scope of review will be mainly focused on the new features
introduced in WebVTT, since the First Public Working Draft [5] on 13 
November 2014 which triggered a first Wide Review .

A cumulative summary of all changes applied to this version since the
WebVTT First Public Working Draft is available for your convenience [6].

[1] WebVTT Wide Review WD
[2] WebVTT latest version
[3] W3C Process
[4] Horizontal Review
[5] WebVTT First Public Working Draft.

Kind regards,

On behalf of David Singer, co-Chair, W3C Timed Text Working Group
Thierry Michel, Staff Contact for TTWG.

Received on Wednesday, 9 August 2017 08:46:26 UTC