RE: [css-grid] Why only <length>s in *-gap?

Just making sure, how would you resolve percentages when columns are set to "auto" and the grid has no explicit width? Actually, the issue is more glaring when you think about a grid that has "height: auto" and implicit rows.

I guess the use case for percentages is when the grid has a definite size for the grid-gap axis, right?

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> Subject: [css-grid] Why only <length>s in *-gap?
> There was a question on Twitter [1] on why the *-gap properties didn’t allow
> percentages. I see some early discussion mentioning that the *-gap
> properties should allow <track-breadth> values minus the keywords, which
> would be <length> | <percentage> | <flex>. But the current draft only allows
> <length>s. Is there a reason for this?
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