Re: [css-counter-styles] Any chance of requiring a -- prefix on the names?

On 03/08/2016 03:27 PM, Marat Tanalin wrote:
> 24.02.2016, 00:46, "Tab Atkins Jr." <>:
>> the allowed name syntax for @counter-style rules was a mistake -
>> [...]
>> collisions with existing names. If I'd written the spec today, I'd
>> have required that the name be a <custom-ident> and start with --, so
>> it's easily distinguishable from anything else.
> I believe _any_ user-defined identifier should be in a namespace
> different from predefined-keywords' namespace -- either by using
> quoted strings or (if strings are unhelpful for specific feature)
> by adding a prefix.
> As for @counter-style in particular, it's better late than never.
> Given that there is just one implementation, just add the prefix.
> And try not to make this mistake anymore with future new CSS
> features involving user-defined identifiers. ;-)

CSS consistently uses undifferentiated identifiers for such things.
The only exception here so far has been CSS variables. Maybe it's
not great, but so far the cases we have are not particularly harmful,
and there are a lot of them.


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