Re: [css-values] custom-idents and excluded keywords

On 03/17/2016 04:51 AM, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
> Hi,
> in the CSS Values spec [1] we could find the following sentence:
> "This generic data type is denoted by <custom-ident>, and represents
>   any valid CSS identifier that would not be misinterpreted as a
>   pre-defined keyword in that property’s value definition."
> But a few lines later it says:
> "Specifications using <custom-ident> must specify clearly what other
>   keywords are excluded from <custom-ident>, if any—for example by
>   saying that any pre-defined keywords in that property’s value
>   definition are excluded."
> For example in the case of the CSS Grid Layout spec, it's not specified
> which keywords are excluded in the different properties that use
> <custom-ident> (for example the track sizing properties [2]).
> However, in a previous thread [3] Tab said that "minmax", "auto" and
> "subgrid" were not valid <custom-ident>.
> The question is if the CSS Grid Layout spec needs to be updated to
> specify the excluded keywords. Or the 2nd sentence above from the CSS
> Values spec needs to be removed/reworded.

I don't think there's anything here that needs updating,
except to say that Tab's message is incorrect. Grid is
following that second sentence -- it states clearly that
the 'span' keyword is excluded.


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