Re: [css-page-floats] The 'clear' values are backwards

Brad Kemper

On Jan 25, 2016, at 3:05 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. <> wrote:

>> Yeah well, current floats cannot move things to new pages. So the page float
>> spec will have to try to reinterpret what "clearing" means in the context of
>> page floats, at least to some extend, and I'm trying to figure out how you
>> guys would think is the most natural way of transferring what clear does
>> today in a context of page floats.
> We don't have to, and shouldn't, reinterpret anything. ^_^  Just
> translate the concepts over directly, and then add new functionality
> as required.

Except these things are more like stackable exclusions, and not that much like existing floats. If the property was renamed 'wrap-stack' (since exclusion props all start with 'wrap-', and this new spec is about how to stack them in x and y directions), then the "clearing" property could be called whatever we want. If it is similar enough to 'clear', then we could call it 'wrap-stack-clear' and try to translate the concepts from 'clear', but we shouldn't be too slavish about it if the concept of what we need isn't really a good fit with the concept of clearing. 

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