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I would file a bug on Chrome/Safari. Their behavior is instable (and even chaotic). If you resize the window to be smaller in height, I get it working fine here. 

Thinner than 1280x390 everything works fine consistently. Between 390 and 410 the behavior is chaotic (sometimes right, sometimes wrong) and after 410 the behavior is constantly wrong.

The problem is that that in the wrong case, Chrome and Safari consider the height of the body to be its height without any content in the columns, and then needs a near-infinite amount of columns of 0px height each to lay out the content of the page.

I couldn't find an easy fix to apply except disabling columns altogether which makes the page looks bad in every browser (since even adding new layout constraints or hard-coding the amount of columns doesn't help them get it right).

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> The page appears garbled in Chrome and Safari latest stable.

Friendly ping (just ran into this once more).

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